Saturday, September 24, 2016

1969 Mission Bell 250

1970 Motor Trend 500

24 hours of Daytona, 1970

Before you’re a race car driver, you’re a person who loves to drive. This is a salute to everyone who shares Mazda’s passion for driving. Because Driving Matters.

Through the Mazda Motorsports program, they support those who have a passion for driving. (The Miata really is the most accessible sports car on the market for the past 20 years) Listen to a few drivers on why they race. This film is a tribute to the driver in all of us.

Drivers in order of appearance:

Liam Dwyer – Retired USMC Staff Sergeant who lives in Florida and races a Mazda MX-5 in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge

Aurora Straus – 17-year-old high school senior who lives in New York and races in the Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires

Tom Bernacki – Lives in Chicago and uses racing to promote children’s literacy in a Racer Spec Miata

Sarah Montgomery – 22-year-old recent college graduate who lives in Lafayette, LA and races in the Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup

Rob Warkocki – Lives in Illinois and races a Mazda in SCCA GT3

Kenton Koch – Lives in Glendora, CA and is a Mazda Development Driver and Driver Coach who races in the IMSA prototype Challenge

John Doonan – Lives in Chicago and is the director of Mazda Motorsports

Danny Steyn – Lives in Florida and races in Spec Miata

Tiffany Stiller – Safety Worker

Ara Malkhassian – Lives in Houston, TX and is a racer and team owner in the Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup by BFGoodrich Tires

Peter Naumburg – A 70-year-old racer in Spec Miata

1970 Falstaff 400

1970 Laguna Seca

Friday, September 23, 2016

Once Upon A Wheel, 1970

ever seen a vinyl top bug before? With the mod top floral print... drag racing? Me neither  the 1970 world finals in Dallas

quite the scoreboard

the Zinger vette

imagine finding this among your dad's things... signed by Arthur Davidson

check out the front air dam on this pace car Challenger

1971 Miller High Life 500

Flash Gordon

mother tells son to drive safe, and watch out for idiots, then hits him with her car at the first intersection because she's a moron that can't drive and look out for bikers at yield signs

Revell... sponsor to a lot of cool drag racing, and other race cars

1973 Nascar Winston Western

1973 Daytona 500, and '71 Miller High Life 500... when race cars were actually not that different from what you could buy at the dealership

Thursday, September 22, 2016

1973 Pikes Peak

Firestone tires in the 1960 Indy 500 had a cool design safety feature

Firestone tires were built with a little orange strip molded into the rubber such that when it showed up during use, it meant the tire had about two or three laps of full-speed racing before: “There would be two loud noises. First one, tire blowing and the inner tube couldn’t stand the weight and the second noise was the car banging the wall and all the crap that goes with it, which was usually fire."

Do any tires have something this simple to indicate the end of useful tire life?

Bonneville, '66

When nose art was actually above to fit on an aircraft's nose... 1915 Farman, a Belgian photo recon plane

thanks Steve!