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in 1967, Esso gave away four George Barris built Toronados (the 67 X) as prizes in a contest to celebrate the Canadian centenial

To celebrate Canada's centenary at Expo 67, Imperial Oil Canada (Esso) commissioned four custom-built 1967 Oldsmobile Toronados from George Barris of Hollywood.  2 are still know to exist.

Imperial Oil wanted a car that looked futuristic but retained an identity of the times. The Toronado body would reduce the mechanical fabrication due to it's longer front end. The added length provided a spacious interior that included swivel front seats that could face the rear wrap-around lounge seat.

This one was mislabeled as a 70 X. http://www.worldsfaircommunity.org/topic/10394-oldsmobile-toronado-x-70/

via https://www.facebook.com/groups/321577158048111/

the other one has been neglected a very long time, and is being stored in hopes of winning the lotto if anyone ever wants to buy a Barris car, even one as forgotten and ugly as this

The first winner was a Mr. Hockett of Edmonton, who picked up his five winning tips on a journey from Vancouver to Edmonton during a family vacation. The second car was won by Vernon Scales of Okanagan Landing.

the Colorado Grand rally. A 1000 mile old car drive for pleasure has raised 4.5 million dollars (holy crap, how much do they charge rich bastards to driver their cars in that?) for local charities

Photography by John Waugh Photographic Images http://www.johnwaugh.com/motor_sports.shtml

 The Grand provides funds to carefully selected Colorado charities and donations to towns where they stop for lunch.

They also award a college scholarship to a graduating high school senior in each of these communities.

 To date, the event has raised $4 million dollars with over $1.5 million to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.

97 Bimmers got wrecked all at once.

A train carrying BMWs from an automaking plant in Greer South Carolina derailed, damaging 97 of the vehicles, 2 locomotives and 10 train cars were also damaged.

 The train was heading from the manufacturing plant when it derailed shortly after 3 p.m. Sunday


Who takes a car for a joyride, instead of towing it to the dealership for repairs? Royal Towing of Houston.... (Nissan Roadside Assist sent them) and their moron tow truck driver was busted by the dashcam videos, and is now famous for effing up. He's good to his jackass buddies though, he let them drive his customers GTR too


The tow company sent a driver to pick it up on Sunday, then he brought it to his own residence, unloaded it, and joy rided in it, and let his jackass friends (who seem to be extras from the meth house on Breaking Bad) joy ride it. They screwed with the GTR all day, and into the early morning hours, as they finally disconnected the dash cam at 2am. On Monday it was delivered to the dealership for repairs, and Tuesday it was picked up by the owner. That's when he noticed his sunglasses were stolen... so he went to the video and discovered the car had been basically stolen for a day, instead of being delivered.

The Pearland Police Department presented the case to the Brazoria county DA. The DA office accepted the charges for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and burglary of a motor vehicle.

see all 8 videos from the car owner at http://www.motohouston.com/forums/showthread.php?t=344537 

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It didn't show at SEMA, but it was at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals... I gotta get to that show someday

440 6 pack Sport Fury GTs still exist, Dave Wheeler is getting his to some important car shows, Carlisle and the MCACN

Gary and Pam Beineke of Sharon, Massachusetts are fixated on improving 1971 Mopar designs, making cars the factory couldn't

back in 2011 I posted about this "what if" GTX  http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2011/02/gary-and-pam-beineke-made-gtx-they-wish.html  they made. JET X, a 1971-2 GTX Plymouth Exterior Styling studio car, built using photos from 1968 and 69

They didn't stop there. They started making Daytonas and Super Birds from 1971 Chargers and Road Runners

they started by making a 71 GTX convertible, then in 2009, they finished their next project, JET X, the GTX I started this post with.

In 2010, their next project, a 3rd gen tribute to the Bobby Isaac, K and K Insurance Daytona, was the subject of a multi-issue chronicle of the build in Mopar Enthusiast magazine,

In 2011, the 71 Concept Charger was debuted,  followed by a feature in Mopar Action. 2012 debuted the Race Superbird with Pam running at 201.6mph at Loring Air Force Base in northern Maine at the Loring Timing Association's 2012 Harvest Event

Their Petty tribute Superbird, built for land speed with an R5 Dodge NASCAR engine making 875hp

if you want to read all about their cars, and racing: http://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-0508-1971-dodge-and-plymouth-phantom-wing-cars/


a dozen 1986 Trans Ams were customized to look like Ferrari 308s, by Henderson Motors of Miami, then named them "Machiavelli"

This customized Trans Am had only 792 actual miles when it went to Barrett Jackson auction, and snagged $38,000. It sold for $35,000 new, so, most everyone that ever stored it wasted money on it.

These were produced by Henderson Motor Works for only two years.

 Phillip Michael Thomas, famous co-star of the TV show "Miami Vice" had part ownership in the car company.

This is one of only 12 produced in this model.

Petrolicious has come across another cool cal, Clark Gable's Jaguar XK 120

One of the first to roll off the assembly line, it was hand beaten aluminum instead of pressed, because the demand for the new body style was so great.

This one was bought by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner at the time, Anton Hulman, while the actor was in town filming To Please A Woman. He would keep it stored there at the race track, and amazingly, the car would only see use once a year in May when Gable would come back into town to see the race.

It has only been driven 6500 miles

Full gallery and article at http://petrolicious.com/we-discover-clark-gable-s-jaguar-xk120-hidden-beneath-the-brickyard

Montreal... and slippery, downhill roads. Just add buses, and a cop car, and a snow plow, and watch them smash into each other like it's the 1st time they've ever driven on slippery roads

I look at this and I hear Bill Cosby's skit about 200mph around a tree line "PIPES! Chrome PIPES!"

"the Lone Wolf" Adam Woodhams's 1959 Buick LeSabre

no one ever thinks ahead, and realizes what is GOING to happen once they get that overturned vehicle back upright, and we all already know... it's going to head downhill...

not just a little bit stuck, a LOT stuck

I recommend they leave it there until that soup freezes, maybe it's got enough grunt to get it's self broken loose and pull out from being frozen into that goop


Sunday, December 04, 2016

a 65 gasser Coronet with a video from the driver's point of view

1961 MGA with a 675 hp Ford 5 liter has been trying for 5 years to break 200 mph at Bonneville

3 guys from Derbyshire England have been working on this for 5 years, and of course, several of the past years Bonneville was closed. This year they made it but had a fuel issue keeping them from breaking 200. Lotsa engine, not enough pump.

“There is a history of Ford engines in MGs, the SV and the SVR,” said Walker. “The trick, really, was to fit it all in the car.” That solution came in the form of installing the engine first, then setting the body on top of it. Then going to Hennesey and getting a blower added and dialed in

full story and more photos at http://www.hotrod.com/articles/insane-coyote-swapped-mg-shoots-200-mph-bonneville/

The full gallery of article on Danny Thompson hitting the 400 mph record at Bonneville is now up on Hot Rod.com

1971 442 just waiting for it's owner to figure out what to do with it

In the back corner of a body shop it sits, still wearing its original bias-ply Firestone Wide-Ovals. Upon closer inspection, the odometer reads a hair more than 14,000 miles. One of only 1,304 convertibles built for 1971 and with the standard 455—but backed by a four-speed with Hurst Shifter

Full gallery at http://www.hotrod.com/articles/1971-olds-442-body-shop-find/

The stock replacement Sealed Power forged Six Pack pistons pin bores are offset as shown to pre-load the skirts against the cylinder walls for longevity.

When Chrysler upgraded to heavier rods in 1970 Six Pack (and HP 440-4) applications, the added rotating mass forced external balancing tactics.

Fingers point to an original Six Pack damper with the necessary eccentric balancing ring. 

Focus on Camaro, the promo videos handed out to the Chevy dealerships to get them up to speed on the new car

9 years ago, Steve dragged home a 1924 Model TT project from Arkansas, last year he went to an auction in Oklahoma and paid $5 for an engine no one wanted... so he might get some useful parts

and the serial numbers on the blocks showed they were both made on the same day in 1923, August 31st. That is remarkable.


Rain washed out a road, and then people got bold and tried crossing (NSFW audio, video is fine, turn down the speakers though)

If you're in Green Bay for a Packer game, go across the street and tell Dan at the KW Tailgate food truck I said HI! It's at the gas station across the street from Lambaugh Field, is where they park this cool KW tailgating food machine

at the corner of Oneida /Mike Mcarthy.

The smoke stacks on the trailer work, and the grill is from a W900L

Dan, that son of a gun, is one great guy, and a classmate of mine from high school. He restores old semis in his spare time, or did. And lucky? He married the prettiest girl in school. 

Saturday, December 03, 2016

the Keystone Antique Tractor Museum has 260 perfectly restored tractors, 170 on display in Colonial Heights, VA

One of the largest private collections of pre-1960 totally restored tractors, collectible cars and antique trucks on the east coast.

Keith Jones has a passion for all kinds of tractors dating back to the first one he fell in love with.

Sitting in an overgrown patch of weeds, a blanket of honeysuckle had made the farm tractor its own private trellis.

 Keith learned that his aunt was planning to send the farm tractor off to auction, to be sold to the highest bidder. Approaching his aunt Keith told her that he wanted the farm tractor. She said, “that he could bid on the John Deere M, just like everyone else!”

 Paying close to fourteen hundred dollars for his uncle’s old farm tractor, the John Deere M that he came to love.

Weeks later, to Keith’s surprise, his Aunt gave him back his money. She told him, “that his Uncle always wanted him to have it, but she didn’t want to just hand it over to him; she wanted him to earn it.”

Keith went on to restore the old farm tractor back to show quality. The restoration of the old honeysuckled covered John Deere M had Keith’s undivided attention, and throughout the years Keith has collected, and restored over 200 antique farm tractors and vintage road trucks that are now housed in the Keystone Tractor Works Museum.